Top 05 Best Indoor Plants to Decorate Your Home

Planting helps keep the environment clean and fresh as well as be a décor item for your house which makes it ‘healthier’ and greener. Decorating home with houseplants is a good way to enjoy the beauty of nature in your own shelter. These best indoor plants that we are about to introduce to you are suitable for every type of house and easy to grow. So, let take a tour around our collection right now!

1. Best Indoor Plants: Snake Plant

Snake Plant, also called Mother-in-law tongue, is good to plant in a sunny area like near the window. Moreover, it doesn’t require you to water it frequently because it can store water in their roots and leaves. However, making it flooded in water is another different story (because it’ll die).

2. Zeezee plant

As one of the best indoor plants for decades, the zeezee plant symbolizes the prosperity and longevity because of its long-lived feature. This succulent is also known as the Eternity Plant since its stems can stay alive for a couple of weeks after being cut. In addition, you can grow a brand new plant only with a leaf.

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3. Best of The Best Indoor Plants: Cast Iron Plant

This plant is famous for its tough and rugged characteristics. It can live in a wide range of temperatures including low and high humidity, dry atmosphere, low light, less water,… Besides, there are many variations of this plant from color to height, so you can choose one which is most suitable for your home.

4. Spider Plant

There are several best indoor plants to choose, but actually, this spider plant is perfect. The first reason is that it is super easy to grow. You can hang a basket of the spider plant and it will generate many little plantlets on the ends of their stems. The second one is its ability to purify the air. Due to this function, it’s usually grown in kitchen or bathroom areas to make the air fresher.

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5. Jade Plant

This succulent is great for desk or table decoration because of its popular small size. However, it can grow taller and bigger if you have skillful hands in taking care of your plant. Besides its size, the ability to survive in difficult conditions is very impressive. Its leaves keep a lot of water that helps it live longer in dry conditions.

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