Top 08 Best Kitchen Wall Décor Ideas for Your Beloved House

The kitchen is where your family gathers and eats together so you might want to have something special here. If you lack ideas to decorate, let take a look at our collection of kitchen wall décor ideas before beginning to do.

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1. “EAT” Letter in Kitchen Area

It is a funny way to ask somebody to eat when stepping into the kitchen. The EAT letter also reminds us the main purpose of the kitchen is to eat.

2. Funny Quotes

Funny or optimistic quotes might save your day and make you eat better. Just use your reclaimed wood and write some humorous words with love.

3. Kitchen Wall Décor – Framed Recipe

This is a creative kitchen wall décor idea for those who are the member of the “I-lost-my-brain-and-forgot-everything-already” group. What is more convenient and helpful than using cooking recipes as decorating items on the wall?

4. Some Herbs on the Wall

Besides being used as an ingredient in several recipes, herbs might be green and lovely decorating things. Moreover, some herbs have the ability to repel unwanted insects living around your kitchen area.

5. Wood Board

Hanging wood boards is easy to finish but the result has never disappointed you. Use some nails to hold the pots and pans firmly.

6. Best Kitchen Wall Décor – Make a Shelf

Instead of storing things in cabinets or drawers, you can put them on the shelf on the wall. This kitchen wall décor way will make everybody satisfactory and exciting.

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7. Built-in Plate Rack

Storing dishes on the wall as a decorating way and using them when needed is a modern design that is convenient and time-saving.

8. Plate Wall

If you have several decorative plates stored in the cabinet, just stick them on the wall to add more tones to your dining zone.

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