Top 22 Anime Girl Characters With Black Hair

Anime Girl Characters With Black Hair

If you’re looking for a bit of inspiration and you are a huge anime fan you will enjoy this article. Here, we will talk about some of your favorite anime characters who have gorgeous black hair. Find your inspiration down below and remind yourself about some of the prettiest & unique black hair ideas that you can rock or admire when it comes to anime.

Which Anime Is Your Favorite?

There are over hundreds of different anime sagas & movies, so picking out just one may be too hard of a task. However, which was the first anime that you have ever watched, and which one has made the biggest impact on you? Most anime characters have either light blonde or black hair, there is rarely something in between. Have you noticed that yourself? If so, which character do you prefer more? Keep on reading and remind yourself how gorgeous black hair is, as well as what are some must-see animes!

Last, but not least, everyone had to watch & enjoy Attack on Titan at one point, right? This anime is highly rated, while Mikasa is one of the best & most-loved characters in the show.

Ready To Rewatch Some Of Your Old Favorite Shows?

If you’re ready to rewatch some of your favorite shows, let us know which ones you like, and which ones are those! If you had to pick between one of these 22 anime movies or characters, which one would be your top pick, and why? Have we forgotten to add someone to this list? If so, let us know!

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