Top 3 best Krave Beauty products review

Perhaps, Krave Beauty has been one of the popular skincare labels. In this review, we are going to see how the products from Krave Beauty are.

To brief about Krave Beauty, it was founded by Liah Yoo who is a beauty influencer has known for skincare tips and the knowledge, the experience that she gained from working at AmorePacific – one of the largest Korean beauty companies. Its products are friendly and irritant-free.

1. Matcha Hemp Hydrating Cleanser  

Cleaning is a very important step in our skincare routine so start with the matcha hemp hydrating cleanser product. You know if you don’t have a suitable cleansing product, your skin will be badly affected. And for this product from Krave Beauty, I think it is worth the money. This is perfect for the morning cleanser.

The pH index is between 5.0 to 6.0, which is good for your skin because it will keep your skin barrier at a very neutral acidity to make it healthy.

For the ingredients, they are natural, healthy, gentle, and good for your skin like green tea extract and matcha.

2.  Kale-Lalu-yAHA

This toner is reliable and improves your skin. After using this product, your makeup will go on better and your skincare will go on better. If you’ve never tried this one before, this can be a great try for you to go.

 As the introduction of the toner, if you are a beginner and do have sensitive skin, you can go check out their website and they give some tips on how to use it. The ingredients in this will keep your skin hydrated you don’t necessarily need to apply the serum after that.

3. Krave Beauty product – Great Barrier Relief

This one is one of the most popular products in the entire set from Krave Beauty. It’s a serum to heal your skin barrier. If you are having the damaged skin, why don’t you try to use this?

The ingredients in the product help rebuild your skin barrier and strengthen it. There’s also a wonderful vitamin B3 which is also to heal your skin and to lessen wrinkles. After using it, your skin will feel luxurious.

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