Top 30 Samurai Tattoo Design Ideas

Are you a fighter, or someone who loves to support fighting scenes, justice, as well as Japanese culture? If any of these statements apply to you, you will enjoy our article since we will talk about someone in particular – Samurai origin, as well as gorgeous Samurai tattoo options.

Girls who love to look bold and guys who loved watching Samurai Jack while growing up will enjoy our list and top 30 tattoo recommendations that are listed down below!

10 Large Samurai Tattoo Design Ideas

10 Colorful Samurai Tattoos

10 Small Samurai Tattoo Design Ideas

Samurai Tattoo: More FAQs

1. Who Can Get A Samurai Tattoo?

Samurai tattoos are for anyone who is trying to express their bold side and their way to conquer the world. Men and women can both rock samurai designs, as long as they are natural fighters who know how to get whatever it is that they want.

2. Where To Place Your Samurai Tattoo?

The best placement for your samurai idea is over your chest or your leg. Samurais wear their bruises and their scars proudly, which is why you will enjoy showing off your teeth, literally, to the rest of the world with either chest or leg/knee placement.

3. Does The Tattooing Process Hurt?

These ideas don’t have to hurt too much. If you end up placing the design over the thicker parts of the body (and avoid placements that are close to the bone) you will easily wear any samurai design that we’ve reviewed in this article. If you’re thick-skinned you can easily wear and rock your new samurai tattoo idea.

4. Are These Tattoos Pricey?

You can expect to pay around $200-500 for your new samurai tattoo. The bigger the design, the pricier it is. Also, expect to pay more money for a colorful and bright tattoo that stands out and that is different from the rest.

Back tattoos, for instance, can and will cost a lot more money due to the bigger surface that is used in the tattooing process. Smaller samurai tattoos, such as ankle or foot designs will be a lot more affordable.

5. Where To Find Your Inspiration?

If you’re not too sure what are some other famous samurais or where to get the inspiration from, consider thinking about Samurai Jack (from the Cartoon Network), Jackie Chan (the ultimate warrior that we all loved watching when growing up), as well as any historic characters that you could have watched when growing up or have read about in your historic books.

Commit To Your New Tattoo

In the end, make sure that you let us know which one tattoo is your favorite and a must-have from the list. We have tried to incorporate as many as possible unique and different ideas for everyone’s liking. Our article will suit everyone’s preference and taste, so make sure to let us know which is a must-have tattoo in your opinion, as well as where you plan on placing it over your body.

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