Top 5 BLACKPINK Jennie’s makeup looks to be inspired

Whether you are a BLINK or not, it cannot be denied that BLACKPINK’s beauty and fashion have been a universal phenomenon. The four of them also serve on and off the stage striking maquillage and hairstyles. Their trend-setting composition and design generate a partnership that not only increases their success but also helps to emphasize their individual characteristics. Because of course, every single look of its own deserves full attention, it is Jennie Kim, the rapper of the K-pop girl group who we turn to for inspiration, for something that’s edgy and elegant. Below are top 5 Jennie’s makeup look that you’ll definitely fall in love with. Scroll down, admire that beauty and make them your own.

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1. All glammed up

Of all 4 members of BLACKPINK, Jennie may be the least experimental person with different makeup and hair. That’s why this time when she took a plunge with a mix of platinum and dark colors for her hair, we are pretty surprised, yet happy with her new look. Was it a risky step? Maybe. But the glamming makeup slew the look.

2. Jennie’s makeup looks – Dazzling eyes

As we talk about glittering looks, we cannot miss out on the look of Jennie in the album “SOLO”. It looks amazing with the addition of diamonds and sequin, and many more glittering accessories. In reality, Jennie’s make-up did not seem too daunting thanks to her simple and flawless base.

3. Nostalgic in pink

Pink is Jennie’s favorite color for all time. Watching her play with the plastic clips and this lovely Hi Kitty tattoo — our childhood artifacts — is bringing back memories, doesn’t that? Appearing to be doll-like as well as elegant, with soft pink colors, Jennie effectively expressed her special nostalgic charm.

4. Jennie’s makeup looks – Matching hues

To copy these Jenny’s makeup looks, match the color of your top with the hue of your eyeliner. Don’t forget to pick the right bronzer for each makeup.

We choose the Sephora Collection Long-Lasting 12 HR Wear Eye Liner in Fancy Blue.

5. Subtle glow

If you’re looking for nothing but a casual look, this is your go-to.

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