Top 5 Coolest Shoulder Tattoo Ideas For Men In 2020

Shoulder tattoo has become a beloved place by many tattoo lovers, especially men. In 2020 can be an explosion of tattoo since it is worldwide acceptance from many countries, so this could be a huge opportunity for you to finally get your own tattoo. There are so many styles that you can choose, from big to small or simple to complicated.

Men love shoulder tattoo since it is associated with strength and power. Let’s have a look at these coolest ideas that you may love to have one.

Shoulder-Tattoo-Warriors1 Top 5 Coolest Shoulder Tattoo Ideas For Men In 2020

Tribal Design

Tribal has become well known for its spectacular line and structure even though it was from the ‘90s. The thick and curved lines will be an ideal design to place on your shoulder.

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Coolest Shoulder Tattoo: Animal

There is no way animal design is crossing out of this list. Tons of animals that represent strength can be listed here such as dragon, tiger, or lion, etc. Furthermore, the ideas are endless, you can choose your animal and add other details as you like.


The powerful tattoo can be your next inspiration to get inked on your shoulder. Warriors like the Vikings or Spartan show the braveness and you can feel like a true hero of your life.

Coolest Shoulder Tattoo: 3D Designs

The shoulder is the best area to show the illusional effect of a 3D tattoo. It will look like something is carved out of your skin and explode its power. This tattoo designs will be the best choice you will ever have

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Small Tattoo

There is a variation of options and you don’t have to go big to show your strength or masculine. The commitment you have for a tattoo is already brave enough. Thus, the meaning is all matter, not the size of the tattoo.

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