Top 5 Designs For Winter Nails 2020

For these cold winter days, looking at your nails can make you feel warm. So, today we are going to discover some winder nails ideas. Let’s go and check it out right now!

Golden star nails

This color tone will brighten the winter cold days up. This looks so elegant. The combination of star and golden nails will definitely make you feel like you are watching a starry night, which is extremely relaxing. Instead, you can stick some golden dots on your nails, or make your whole nails in this kind of color. Let’s check the following images for some ideas!

Brown chocolate color

Looking at this color may remind you of one of the best beverages for winter, which is a hot chocolate drink. So, having a glance at your nails makes you want to have a cup of hot chocolate right away.

Glitter winter nails

If you want your nails to look shiny under the sunlight, it is time for you to have glitter nails. When looking at these nails outside, you will feel them sparkling and outstanding, which can give you boost your energy. You can go for different glitter color tones and it depends on your preferences.

Winter snow

When it comes to winter, we cannot miss white snow. So, why don’t we try wearing snowflakes this winter?

Unicorn winter nails

Instead of white snow, you are looking for something colorful and unique. Let’s consider wearing unicorn nails? This kind of nails is quite adorable and interesting. In comparison to the above designs, this one is more colorful and makes you feel you are so cute.  

The above are the top 5 ideas for winter nails in 2020 that I think that we should try. I hope you will enjoy it and refresh your nails soon!

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