Top 5 Makeup Trends in the 90 that We need A Comeback

There is no doubt that trends come and go. Although we often say makeup is a loop. Things that have been loved in the past can become new trends in modern times, and the future as well. The influence of makeup trends of the 20th century cannot be denied. Many trends still exist today. Below are 5 makeup in the 90 that is making a huge comeback. Scroll through and comment if you recognize any of them!

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1. Makeup in the 90: Glossy Lips

Glossy lips are a boom. Girls are obsessed with glittery, clear, colored, and sparkling lips. These makeup in the 90 when combined with peachy or pastel hue create a high-shine appearance.

2. Black Eyeliner

While some people prefer soft lines to edgy black eyeliner, many others cannot get over this signature of the grunge makeup era. Just have a look at Jennifer Aniston, with the gorgeous look of black eyeliner, she is just like a stunning queen.

3. Makeup in the 90: Bold Brows

When Brooke Shields was young, she stuck with thick and fluffy eyebrows while everyone pursued the barely-there trend. Her viewpoint at makeup style was so impressive at that time, honoring the independence of women.

4. Vivid Blue Eye Shadow

Makeup in the twentieth century embraced vivid and vibrant colors. Blue meets all of those requirements. As a result, blue was no doubt a go-to for eye makeups. Nowadays, many MUA not only fills this hue on all of the lids but also for eyeliners.

5. Makeup in the 90:  Glowy Skin

Glowy skin – a makeup in the 90, aka sunkissed glow, is just too elegant and subtle. The look is just ultimately fresh and youthful. For its endless attractiveness, I can understand why girls are crazy about his makeup these days.

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