Top 6 Attractive Watercolor Tattoo Designs For 2020

In addition to the traditional black ink in tattoos, there has been a lot of watercolor designs for a tattoo. Needless to say, the main difference between them is the color. For the latter, you can freely add your own favorite colors to your tattoos, and then they can become dreamy, beautiful as well as attractive. Today, we are going to discover many types of attractive watercolor tattoo designs for 2020.

1. Watercolor forest tattoo

2. Watercolor rose tattoo

Instead of a traditional black and grey rose tattoo, you can see rose petals in different colors. They can be red or blue. This creative tattoo can also express yourself.

3. Watercolor eye tattoo

Can you read what the eyes want to say? It has a lot of meanings depends on your own thinking, and other people can also know partly who you are through these eyes.

4. Watercolor bird

A bird is a representative of freedom and peace. If you are looking for something like this, you can consider to have it only or add some shapes to it.

5. Pink flower

This attractive watercolor design one will give your tattoo a soft, lovely, cute and dreamy look. The colors are going to take the traditional designs to the whole new thing, which should be given a compliment.

6. Watercolor sea tattoo

For this tattoo idea, it looks like a picture to make you calm after a hard-working day. The sea tattoo should be considered as a masterpiece.

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