Top 6 best rose tattoo inspiration for you in 2020

Among hundreds of flowers around the world, roses have been always regarded as one of the biggest inspirations for tattoo artists. So, today, we are going to take a look at some top rose tattoo ideas in 2020 and see which one you want to get.

1. Colorful rose tattoo

When it comes to roses, people usually think that they represent love and romance.  In addition, secrecy and confidentiality are something associated with this type of flower. Since a long time ago, rose beauty has been considered as the inspiration for tattoos. So, if you are into it,  you can consider having a colorful rose.

2. Black and grey tattoo

If you are searching for a classic style, this black and grey rose is something you want to get. This is simple, very basic and classic, but always outstanding because of its secrecy and the contrast between your skin color and the color of the rose tattoo. This style of the tattoo can draw attention to anybody.

3. Traditional rose tattoo

It is sometimes said that the original and natural version is the most interesting.

4. Surreal rose

If you are chasing surrealism, you might want to get this tattoo right away. It can be something dreamy, surreal, and something hard to guess. This will be a great way to show your own style and special personality.

5. Geometric rose tattoo

This style is a combination of flowery image and mathematic shape. This style of the tattoo will give you a sense of beauty as well as intelligence. It is amazing that tattoo artists can mix the beauty of plants and various shapes to create a beautiful combination. 

6. Woman and rose

This is another great mixture but between human beings and flowers. The beauty of human and flower petals are brilliant.

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