For many of us, taking a sip of coffee in the morning and enjoying the fresh air is a habit. Today, there are various kinds of coffee in different parts of the world. Today, let’s find 8 best coffee drinks around the world.

1. Egg coffee

With egg yolk, sweetened and condensed milk, Vietnamese coffee is famous for its thick, creamy consistency and uniqueness as well. In fact, this is the best coffee that originated in Asian countries.

2. Best coffee drinks: Espresso

It is originated from Italy and we can find it in any country today. The coffee makers will use the steam-pressure coffee machine to make it. 

3. Latte

Enjoying a shot of espresso added with microfoam or steamed milk will make you feel over the moon every morning. So, it has always listed as one of the best coffee drinks in the world. 

4. Best coffee drinks: Greek frappe

It is said that the Greek frappe was made by mistake by a Nescafé representative who mixed cold water with instant coffee in a shaker after they couldn’t find any hot water. This inclue ice, instant coffee, water, and sugar.

5. Kaffeost (coffee cheese)

In Kaffeost (coffee cheese), the cubes of cheese are soaked into a cup of coffee. Plus, these cubes of cheese are called leipäjuusto (or bread cheese) in Finland, and “Finnish Squeaky Cheese” in the United States. Although, there is no bread but many people call it bread cheese. The name just comes from the fact that it’s sturdy and soaks things up in a breadlike way.

6. Best coffee drinks: Bombon Café 

This Spain staple espresso drink is served best in the glass cup. Moreover, it’s a popular drink and we can see the layers of condensed milk, espresso, and cream.

7. Café De Olla

This is a traditional Mexican specialty coffee made with ground coffee, cinnamon, and piloncillo, or unrefined cane sugar to enhance the flavor.

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