Top 7 best finger tattoos you should try

If you are searching for a tattoo that is beautiful but not too much, it is time for you to have tattoo designs on your fingers. These ones can be small, but very creative and attractive. With the popularity and development of tattoo styles, there have been a lot of designs these days. So for you who plan to have tattoos, let’s find out the top 7 best finger tattoos you can get inspiration from.

1. Feather finger tattoo

If you are looking for some small tattoos to get on your fingers, this feather tattoo would definitely not make you disappointed. You can go for a colorful or black style, and it depends on your preference. 

2. Geometric tattoo

If you want something beautiful and brilliant, a geometric pattern tattoo can be one of your options. There is a variety of patterns for you to choose from. You can have it on any fingers, but maybe it would look best on the thumb.

3. Couple tattoo

If you are in a romantic relationship, you can get a couple one. There are a lot of designs such as texts, heart, heartbeat and eternity. Lock and key can be creative ideas for couple tattoos.

4. Diamond tattoo

Small diamonds on your fingers will make you shine anywhere you go. This small design for your fingers will make you love it.

5. Animal finger tattoo

Having a tattoo of a kind of animal can be beautiful. But, you should remind that your fingers surface to tattoo is not that much, so make sure to have your tattoo fully shown on it.

6. Ring tattoo

Instead of going to the jewelry store and buy some rings, you can get your ring with your own design. This would be very creative and lovely.

7. Text finger tattoo

This will remind you something meaningful to you whenever you see it. I can be some saying that you are really into it.

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