Top 7 Stunning Ways to Create An Euphoria Makeup

Who can resist the heat from the euphoria makeup? Someone, not me (and you, probably). The abstract makeup trends have plummeted since the cast of Euphoria Rue, Cassie, Kat, Maddy, and Jules bring them to our real life.

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Being inspired by all of those looks, we rounded up the top 7 stunning different ways that you can have this look.

1. Euphoria Makeup: Dash of Red Pepper

The sharp red hot eyeliner of Kat drives us crazy. I love how subtle and edgy it is. The best way to create this look is by using a liquid eyeliner. The thinner the brush is, the easier the look can be made. Create the inner line on the bottom lashline precisely.

The dot under cheekbones is optional. But you can have it in a second with the same eyeliner using previously.

2. Euphoria Makeup: Covered in Gems

This is my personal favorite. I’m obsessed with the blue stones outlining the eyes. This covered-in-gems makeup makes me feel like I were in heaven. Use stick-on gemstones with a mixture of teal and blue eyeshadows to finish the look.

3. Indigo Eyes

Whenever I see Maddy wearing this makeup, I just want to reach out to all violet, lilac shades, and something like that in the eyeshadow palette.

To make this look is as fancy as the one you see on Maddy, attach false eyelashes, and add some gems under your eyes.

4. Euphoria Makeup: Sparkling Sea of Blue

This look is iconic. I cannot help myself stop thinking about the scene when Jules is getting ready.

5. Euphoria Makeup: Cherry Popsicle Lids

The juicy cherry popsicle makeup look like this is so easy to do because all colors of the entire look match together.

6. Pastel Flowers

This is simple but creative than anyone can expect. Draw flower shapes around your eyes to have an impressive look.

7. Tears of Glitter and Stars

Want something extra? You must try this one.

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