Top Amazing Anime Tattoo Designs That Resemble A Work Of Art

Anime tattoo seems out of your mind, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. In fact, this tattoo is gorgeous and the number of anime lovers just increases over the year. For those who don’t know, “anime” is the cartoon genre in Japan. Anime fans are amazingly portraited their favorite characters or even a whole movie scene. This is a perfect way to show love to this genre, and in the tattoo world, there will be tons of ideas for you to show your favorite one. If you are not a fan of anime, maybe after you watch those designs, you can look for some movies and start watching right now.

Anime fans must know how to express their love all over their body. Here are some of the famous anime tattoo designs that could be your next tattoo.

Anime-Tattoo-Pokemon3-1 Top Amazing Anime Tattoo Designs That Resemble A Work Of Art

Ghibli Studio

The 1980s was a fantastic year of Japan anime when Ghibli Studio movies just come out and make a huge influence on the movie industry back then. Having characters such as Totoro or No-Face portraited on your body could be amazing. The Ghibli characters are often cute and lovely and become a huge inspiration in the tattoo world.

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Amazing Anime Tattoo: Naruto

People consider Naruto is one of the best anime movies ever created. This movie seems to become a legend in this anime world and become worldwide known. The movie also inspired many tattoo artists to come up with the best designs.


This anime is not only brought childhood to Japanese people but also all over the world from Europe to America. When you see this anime, you can see your childhood flash right in front of your eyes.

Amazing Anime Tattoo: Sailor Moon

The tattoo is the best for anime girl lovers – Sailor Moon. This sailor scout has taken the heart of many fangirls and just when the tattoo is widely accepted in modern life, it’s perfect to have one scene or character in your body.

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Dragon Ball

The strong and powerful elements of this movie are huge inspirations in the tattoo world. From traditional black ink to watercolor designs, it still fantastic to see it and you can’t take your eyes off it.

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