Top Amazing Ideas For Star Nails We Should Try In 2020

On a cold winter day, just looking at the night sky full of stars makes you feel so relaxed and warm. So, why don’t we try to have star nails to look at whenever you are stressed after a long hard working day. There are a lot of options for you to choose from because there are so many designs for star nails.

Glitter & Star Nails

There is nothing better to express something dreamy like stars. Let’s make your stars become more shining with a glitter base or the glitter in the star. The combination is going to emphasize your stars more than you expect. It’s like a fantasy. All you need to do to achieve a perfect combo of glitter and star is to choose the favorite color tones and ideal designs so that they can match to each other and make what you want to be outstanding be emphasized.  

Ombre Starry Designs

As you may know, ombre from clothes to hair has been trendy until now, and the ombre nails are not any exception. For these creative ideas, you can help your nails achieve two tones of color, which is extremely eye-catching and elegant. There are a lot of designs out there to show your own creativity. Depending on your preferences, and creativity, you can wear different ombre nails. Check out some ideas below! Let’s mix and match them to have the best nails for yourself!

3D Star Designs

If you are looking for something new to refresh your nails, why don’t you experience 3D star designs. These kinds of nail art have been common recently. So, let’s go for it, and they will make you feel satisfied with an extremely amazing result!

The above are some interesting ideas for star nails that we can try in 2020. I hope you will like it!

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