Top Beautiful And Elegant Lavender Nail Designs For Girls

You have seen lavender in many beauty products and especially in smell since it is a beautiful flower, but that doesn’t mean lavender nail does not appear in this world. In fact, this should be listed on the best nail polish color, besides others like burgundy or black, grey nail designs. When we are in a year of changing with unlimited inspiration, the lavender color is a polish that always can be designed in every way possible.

This is not just a normal purple, this is the lavender nail, a soft shade of purple, it brings the elegant into your nail. Get this manicure is the perfect choice to start up a good party season, or taking photos in a field. In any concept, a lavender manicure can still pull out the look.

Lavender-Nails-cover Top Beautiful And Elegant Lavender Nail Designs For Girls

The Lavender Nail Designs

Did we mention that lavender nail can go with anything? Exactly, it can go with matte, acrylic, glitter, pearls, and any shapes like oval, short, long, coffin, etc. You can also create art by using lavender combined with lots of purple shade to create a vibrant. Or you can go with drawing lavender flowers on white polish and do the opposite. There are thousands of inspiration you can go with a lavender manicure and we are sure that you will not be disappointed.

Lavender-Nails1-1 Top Beautiful And Elegant Lavender Nail Designs For Girls

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Celebrity With Lavender Manicure

Khloe Kardashian, Kylie Jenner, Lady Gaga, or Cardi B have tried this shade of manicure before. Needless to say, they are all amazing and totally nail the game. And you can become the slay one too, let’s just try this lavender nail as soon as possible.

Not only we show you those nail designs from celebrities, but also many other inspirations from every nail model or nail salon. Let’s have a look at the top beautiful and elegant lavender nail designs that you should definitely try!

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