Top Beautiful And Unique Chinese Tattoo Designs And Ideas

Tattoos have appeared in China for a long time. However, it associated with prisoners, crimes, and gangster’s world. These days, as the world continues developing, more and more people accept tattoo, so Chinese tattoo is becoming a huge deal all around the world. Many celebrities such as Justin Bieber, Nicki Minaj, Justin Timberlake, or David Beckham also own themselves this tattoo. The same as culture, there is a diversity in the tattoo from this country.

Having a Chinese tattoo will bring you lots of meaning and beauty in this country. Let’s scroll down to look at some of our suggestions for you.

Chinese-Tattoo-Flower3 Top Beautiful And Unique Chinese Tattoo Designs And Ideas

Chinese Calligraphy

When they talk about Chinese tattoo, they immediately mention about calligraphy. In fact, many celebrities take this inked on their body. However, you should ask your Chinese friend or people here before you have because the meaning may not be like exactly like you think.

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Chinese Tattoo Designs: Buddha

Everyone wants to have some luck, they can use a lucky charm or necklace, and a tattoo can be an option. Buddha is a symbol of good luck, having a laughing Buddha is one of the most popular tattoos in China.

Koi Fish

Can you believe that not in Japan but also China has Koi fish? Indeed, this type of fish is also a traditional animal in China. Koi fish brings the meaning of braveness and ability to overcome hardships in life. This Chinese tattoo can give you the courage to go through many things in life.

Chinese Tattoo Designs: Dragon

Dragon is the symbol in China, which represent strength and power. This is taken mostly by men as they can show the masculinity. The dragon tattoo will be perfect if you can combine it with sky elements to boost the strength of it.

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Can’t mention China without flower. You can have this Chinese tattoo along with a letter to have a fascination design. Flower can be presented as pink or violet color and it is perfect for women.

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