Top Butterfly Nail Designs That Will Take Your Heart Right Away

The fact that the butterfly element is always in the beauty product is understandable because it is simple but beautiful. In the beauty world, the appearance of butterfly nail designs is taking over the world very fast. Some people even think that the butterflies may be the most beautiful and fascinating animals in our mother nature. That’s the reason why the butterfly is a huge inspiration in the beauty world, including nail designs. You may think the butterfly is childish, well then you may change your mind when you look at those beautiful designs. Furthermore, you can have a butterfly in many colors such as black, white, blue, or purple polish.

We believe that you may have butterfly nail designs fly around your head for a while. So, let’s go through those awesome ideas that we are about to show you now.

Butterfly-Nail-cover-1-1 Top Butterfly Nail Designs That Will Take Your Heart Right Away

Glitter Butterfly

What can add attractiveness to your own butterfly nail? Glitter element. It will bring the bling-bling effect to your manicure and everyone can’t take their eyes out.

Butterfly Nail Designs: Clear Manicure

Never thought about this design? Actually, the butterfly will be more highlighted if you don’t add any polish on it, just clear gel and butterfly drawing.

Butterfly Wings

If you can’t or don’t like a whole butterfly on your nail, do the wings only manicure instead. Use black polish as a wing drawing and color your wings with a splendid of colorful polish.

Butterfly Nail Designs: Butterfly and Flower

The perfect combination with butterflies is the flower. This will become a fascinating work of art on your fingertip. You will be so excited when you go to the nail salon and ask for this, and the result will never let you down.

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Golden Butterfly

Show the fancy and rich look by having a gold butterfly manicure. It will be the brightest look on your nail ever.

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