Top Design Of Grey Nail For A Classic But Also Trendy Look

Who says grey is boring and looks bland? That’s because you haven’t found the best design yet. In fact, the grey nail can be a new trendy nail color this year. The greyish color with trendy designs will pull out a whole new look. The nail polish is diverse, from black, green, to stunning shade like a burgundy nail, now with the grey nail, it will bring the boldest look for you. Lots of people may think this color only go well in winter, but they don’t know is the design can fit in any time of the year.

Discover different designs of the grey nail for a stunning manicure to rock out this summer by scrolling down with us. Have a classic but also trendy look with a whole new grey manicure now!

Grey-Nail-cover-1 Top Design Of Grey Nail For A Classic But Also Trendy Look

Matte Manicure

This design is the definition of classic manicure; however, it also brings the chic look and simple. It doesn’t take much time to do this, so if you are in a hurry, this could be a perfect one for you.

Grey Nail Design: Go With Marble

What can we say about this design? Gorgeous is the exact word. A neutral grey color mixed with marble is everything you need

Glitter Touch

Shiny grey nail with glitter will be a holiday-like and lovely look for you to start off a beautiful summer season.

Grey Nail Design: Pearls and Beads

Bring out a whole girlish look with a gray manicure with accessories like pearls and beads to style out yourself. Just a little touch of accessories or you can take the pearls and beads to go full decoration of your manicure.

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Ombre Art

We can’t miss this design out as it becomes a huge wave in the nail beauty world. The alluring effect of this makes you want to try it ASAP. Then hurry up because summer is coming.

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