Top Interesting Tattoo Ideas Inspired By Angelina Jolie Tattoo

As you may know, Angelina Jolie is among the well-known actresses that are big fans of tattoos.  On her body, there is a variety of tattoo designs. So, today, we are going to see some interesting Angelina Jolie tattoo ideas. Now, let’s go and check it out!

1. Know your rights

She has this song’s title “Know your rights”, which is performed by her favorite singers in black ink, and you can see it from under the back of Angelina Jolie’s neck.

2. Buddhist Pali incantation

This was done in Bangkok, Thailand by one of her favorite tattoo artists – Noo (aka Sompong). She has the tattoo on the left shoulder blade because she believes that it will help her and her adorable son from the bad things happening anywhere.

3. Arabic tattoo

You can see it from her right arm, and this one can be translated to “determination”. It may be implied that she will try to do everything that she wants no matter how difficult it is.

4. Number – Angelina Jolie tattoo

The number 13 in this Roman tattoo can be seen from her underarm, which shows that she does not think 13 is an unlucky number.

5. Geographical coordinates

The numbers of this tattoo represent the places where Angelina Jolie’s children – Maddox, Zahara, Shiloh, and Plax Then were born.

6. Tiger – Angelina Jolie tattoo

This tiger tattoo is quite big on her back. It was also completed in Thailand by Sompong. It took her a large amount of time to finish this tattoo idea for the Cambodian citizenship celebration. This tattoo is so outstanding that everyone will definitely look at it even if it is just revealed a little bit.

These above are some interesting tattoos that you can take inspiration from Angelina Jolie tattoo. I hope you will like it, and find the best one to have soon!

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