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Upgrade Your Luxurious Look With LV Nail Designs Collection

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Have you ever consider having a brand name to be the next manicure? If you not, then this LV nail designs maybe your next inspiration. Louis Vuitton is a huge brand and considered a fashion legend in the fashionista world. So how about taking a big step of having those designs not in the clothes, but in your nail? You can look online and see there are lots of designs taking inspiration from this clothing brand. Having this luxurious nails will make you look pop

The Louis Vuitton Brand

Let’s have a small into this huge brand here. Louis Vuitton (LV) is a fashion house and luxury retail company from French in 1854 by the CEO Louis Vuitton. This fashion brand has its label on every product, from clothes, shoes, watches, accessories, jewelry, even books. LV regarded as an international fashion houses and you can see this in every high-end department store and through the websites. It also holds 6 years to be named as the most valuable luxury brand in the world.

The LV nail designs

You may think why you have to add a clothing brand on your nail? Actually, the brand nail is very popular in the beauty world, even celebrities have it and show it to the media. If you are considering a luxury with French fashion taste, the LV nail will be your perfect designs. The LV logo is luxury, and it becomes a hot trend in nail art and continues to be famous from time to time.

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With these stylish designs, your fingers are ready to rock the runway. Louis Vuitton has been a fashion icon in the luxurious fashion designers and if you don’t have enough budget to have the goods, you still able to have this manicure with the logo and the signature design from this brand.

The best thing to have is to take the LV nail designs to rock this summer from the basic logo to the intricate designs, let’s have a look.



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