Vivid Earth Tattoo Designs and Ideas to Remind Its Importance

Earth tattoo designs have become very popular with tattoos and travel enthusiasts in recent years. People want to embellish their bodies with Earth tattoos in order to express appreciation and honor Mother Earth, while displaying their love of discovery and journey.

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Yet there are many symbolic significances of an earth tattoo. Earth is the life-symbol and the incarnation of the home idea. It is known as the root of all its living creatures. The Earth is a central component of human genesis, creation, prosperity and fertility in mythology. In many stories, the earth is the pair of the sky, in which a harmonious relationship and eternal love is formed.

The Earth represents peace, trust and security. The world and its connection were revered by ancient civilizations. In present times man is a stranger to the planet who gives life and nourishment due to modern lifestyles.

Vivid Earth Tattoo Designs and Ideas to Remind Its Importance

1. Realistic One on Upper Back

2. Colored Earth and Suitcase on Arm

3. Hand Holding the Earth

4. Watercolor Design on Elbow

5. Paper Plane and Paper Boat Orbiting Earth

6. Minimalist Design on Tricep

7. Simple Earth and Paper Plane on Back

8. Another Beautiful Back Piece

9. Splendid Earth Tattoo on Forearm

10. Dark Watercolor Earth on Shoulder

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