Watercolor Tattoo Designs That Create Beautiful Artworks

If you are not in the mood for the traditional black-ink tattoo, then watercolor tattoo can be your upcoming inspiration. Watercolor designs can bring the magical effect, dreamy and of course, colorful vibe to your body.

Needless to say, these colorful tattoo artworks are beautiful and worth trying. Let’s take a look at some tattoo ideas that may interest you.

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Watercolor Tattoo Designs That Create Beautiful Artworks

Watercolor tattoo: Flower

The flower always an allure inspiration for tattoo artists. Whether it’s just a rose or a blooming jungle, a flower is beautiful and it can be your first watercolor tattoo.


It can be a bird or a butterfly, or sometimes your favorite pet. Ask your tattoo artist to have a splash of coloring inside your animal tattoo and this could be the best tattoo you will ever have.

The Sky

The sky designs must be the best of watercolor artworks. Thousand of stars, the sun, the moon, the rainbow, or the cloud, there are splendid ideas to choose and it will bring the beautiful yet peaceful vibe for you.

The Forest

Bring the magical vibe to your body by creating a wide colorful range of trees into you.

The Sea

Sea watercolor tattoo designs can be a mesmerizing work of art. Just need some blue shades and wave drawing then you can have a marvelous watercolor tattoo.

Animated Characters

Bring back your childhood by having a watercolor tattoo inspired by your favorite animated characters. With a touch of coloring will make your characters more lively.

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Paint Splatter

This design is simple and not too flashy but still colorful. Your tattoo is only a splash of colorful paint mixed together to create a gradient that you would love to have.


A watercolor one can be a background for a script that contains words or phrases. It is really eye-catching when you have a colorful splash with a word line above it.

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