Wave Tattoo Designs: A New Inspiration For Ocean Lovers

Looking for a new tattoo inspiration? Let us help you, especially an ocean lover, a collection of wave tattoo designs. For any ocean lovers or their jobs dedicated to the sea such as sailors, swimmers, divers, or surfers, it is a symbol for their way of living, their passion, and their dedication. Furthermore, a wave can remind you of overcoming the difficulty and hardships in life. Also, it can show the unstoppable force and strength since waves are very powerful to hold.

Since the designs and the meanings may make us blow our minds, let’s take a look at some of the best wave tattoo designs right now!

Wave-Tattoo-cover-1 Wave Tattoo Designs: A New Inspiration For Ocean Lovers


The fun and risky sport but also a huge game for anyone who enjoys the sea since they were kids. So, having a man surf on the beach wave is a cool tattoo for summer and also bring back the memory.

Wave Tattoo Designs: Galaxy

The combination between a sweeping wave under the sky full of star and capture the hold universe on the wave will be a fascinating idea for a tattoo.


Now, this design may seem strange to you, but dotwork is working well in the tattoo world. It takes lots of work and time but it also brings modern and simple designs to any of the tattoo lovers.

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Wave Tattoo Designs: Sunny Day

We have mentioned the beach in the night, but how about portrait a nice sunny day with waves, palm trees, and the sun? This will be a cool design to show off your tattoo when you walk into the beach.

Tiny Wave

It doesn’t need too much, it’s simple but the fine line makes it special. Sometimes, you don’t need to have much work to create a stunning tattoo. A tiny wave can work well with some color on the go.

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