We Found 25 of the Coolest Geometric Tattoos on Instagram

New tattoo, New Year, right? You can definitely appreciate the elegance of geometric tattoos, as you find solace in the pain cave that is a tattoo space. The finely drawn ink uses a variety of shapes, lines, and dots to make everyday things, animals, and general ideas more appealing. Nothing can deny that the geometrical tattoos make a serious point, whether this is an Alice-dignified clock, a praise to the animal kingdom, or an appeal to your love of yoga. Continue to scroll to explore 25 of our favorite tattoo genres to find out if geometric tattoos could be right for you.

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Best Ideas for the Coolest Geometric Tattoos on Instagram

1. Happy Place

Would you want your perfect place to spend eternity? You will frequently remember the surroundings with this open-plan tattle that gives you the greatest calm.

2. A Moment in Time Design

This geometric sundial looks out of a storybook directly. It is magically appealed by the varied line and design.

3. Dots and Lines

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You’re loving this expansive vertical tatt if you love to stifle as much as you love geometry. This is a feast for the eyes, made with a lot of lines and dots.

4. Lost in Space Design

Somehow the vastness of the world is accepted by this small tattoo.

5. Lunar Ascension

Lines and points here play together to create a minimalist and vast forearm tattoo. The overall mastery is made up of the ultra-thin lines and the sticks. Think about how beautiful the lunar tattoo will be in a sequence about pastel blues and purple when it’s all black.

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