What Is Combination Skin & How To Take Care Of It

How could we know what kind of our skin? Have you ever asked this question? If your skin is oily and dry at the same time, your skin might be combination skin. Keep reading our article and see if it’s true or not!

Combination skin has both characteristics of oily skin and dry skin. The common manifestations include strong oil secretion in the forehead, nose, and jaw are with a coarse texture, large pores. It is easy to breed bacteria and cause acne and blackheads. At the other parts of the face, the skin is dry, especially around the cheek and mouth.

1.Cause of combination skin

The combination skin is mostly derived from oily skin, it can lead to improper care and misuse of cosmetics.

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2. Features

  • The forehead, nose, and jaws are oily skin, which is prone to small acne and large pores.
  • There is less sebum secretion and dry in the cheek area, it has low water content in skin layers, dull, poor elasticity, and produces wrinkles

3. Skincare

  • Maintain water and oil balance

Pay attention to daily skincare, add sufficient moisture, and maintain water-oil balance.

  • Cleansing

Choose a cleanser with strong cleansing power, focusing on cleansing the oily skin on the forehead, nose, mouth, and jaw, you can also wash your face alternately with hot and cold water. You should wash the T-shaped area with warm and hot water, and then clean the entire face with cold water.

  • Selection of skincare products

It is necessary to change the use of skin care products according to the season and skin characteristics. In autumn and winter or when there is less oil secretion, choose skincare products with strong moisturizer; in spring and summer or when there is more oil secretion, use skincare products with more water and less oil-based products

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