What Is Dry Skin And How To Improve It

If you have dry skin and you’re looking for some ways to improve it, this post is for you!

First, you need to know what is dry skin? In fact, the main manifestations of dry skin include:

1.Dryness, peeling, tightness

2. Skincare products are not easily absorbed,  giving muddy feeling

3. Dark spots, yellow and dull skin tone

4. Sensitivity, itching, redness, tingling

Because of its dryness and sensitivity, we need to improve and take carefully care of it.

Use Vitamin B3 To Improve Dry Skin

You need to choose the right skincare products to achieve the effect of moisturizing. If you have used many skincare products such as toners, serum but if it’s not working, then you should consider water emulsions containing vitamin B3. There are 3 effects it brings:

1. It can inhibit the production of melanin and thus play a whitening effect.

2. Vitamin B3 can accelerate the metabolism of human skin, promote blood circulation, so that there is less melanin on the skin surface, and can restore damaged cells to make the skin look younger.

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3. The growth of protein in the skin surface. It improves dry skin and increases the moisture content of the skin. It can be directly applied to the parts that are prone to dryness after washing the face in the morning and evening.

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Use Collagen & Oil Bath

But if that together with the skincare process still cannot solve your dry skin problem, then you should start from improving the internal factors with Collagen supplement and Essential oil bath.

-We all need collagen, the loss of collagen can cause dry skin. You should start eating more nut foods, nuts are rich in vitamin E, vitamin A, protein, and other substances, which can moisturize the skin.

– There are two uses of essential oils, one is for bathing and the other is for massaging. A few drops of essential oils in the bath can moisturize the whole body, relax the body, and prevent the skin from drying out, do you notice you get wrinkles on your finger when you are under the water for too long?

After bathing, massage dry parts with natural essential almond oil or olive oil to effectively prevent dry skin.

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