What To Know About Brittle Nails And Its Treatment

Brittle Nails seem familiar with most of the girls since our nails sometimes need to rest so badly. When girls take too much manicure, so the nails may break. Or this can be caused due to the unhealthy condition. Whatever the cause might be, we need to take care of our nails since it is our beauty parts that need to be reminded of. And it is important to keep your nails healthy. Here are some information and how to treat your nails correctly. It’s summer time and time to show your healthy nails.

brittle-nails-cover-1-1 What To Know About Brittle Nails And Its Treatment

What are Brittle Nails?

It’s a health symptom which can be caused by many reasons. First is when the nails having too little or too much moisture. It can also because of the age, when you get older, your nails may dry out and grow more slowly. In many cases, when you are not getting the vitamins and minerals your body needs, your body is lacking the calcium levels. So a lack of calcium can cause scaly skin, dry hair, muscle cramps, and brittle nails. Other causes may include such as Anemia, Thyroid disorder, Raynaud’s syndrome, cancer treatment, etc.

brittle-nails1-1 What To Know About Brittle Nails And Its Treatment
brittle-nails2 What To Know About Brittle Nails And Its Treatment

How Can We Do To Prevent Brittle Nails?

In fact, there are very few ways for treatment and medication for brittle nails. However, a doctor will recommend you take care of your nails by showing you how to strengthen them with some home care tips.

brittle-nails3 What To Know About Brittle Nails And Its Treatment

1. Moisturizing

Use a moisturizer on the hands and nails during the day or at night before bed. Doing this can help dry nails become less brittle.

2. Applying nail hardener

A clear coat of nail polish or another nail product can help to strengthen the nail over time. This could be helpful for those with soft nails.

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3. Wearing gloves

Using directly chemical supplies such as dishwasher or cleaning products may damage your nails quite badly. You should wear gloves whether you are washing the dishes or cleaning the floor.

4. Eating iron-rich foods

Considering eating foods rich in iron if you have anemia diseases, such as red meat or spinach. This may also be needed for your health.

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