Why not Save this Summer with Colorful Floral Eye Makeup?

There is a flower-inspired eye makeup that gives us some sort of feeling. That’s why we decided that we had to try it ourselves when we saw this flower-embellished look created with @frankiepdarling on Instagram. It’s the ideal mix of two patterns – vibrant eye making and intricate floral designs. Learn to recreate your look, for the time being.

Scroll down to explore all of the steps that you need to cover to create colorful floral eye makeup.

Step 1: Apply Your Shadow Base

At the beginning, blend Change, an orange electric hue, from the Wired Urban Decay Palette into the plinth. Slowburn, a red-orange shade, is then added in the shield. Make sure that the color is concentrating on your deck top (near your top line) and disperse the color softly into Turn on the plug.

Step 2: Create Your Sunset

Using Jolt on the outside corner to pull it with a smooth brush to the frontal bone. First, match Shock on the inner top third of the eye, a Neon Lilac. Shock. Don’t mix the shadows together to prevent a dirty look of Colorful Floral Eye Makeup.

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Step 3: Add Your Petals to Colorful Floral Eye Makeup

Paint your flower petals in White with the NYX Professional Makeup Epic Wear Liner. Pro tip: Draw in a circular movement three separate parts of the face. At their points in the middle, every heart must touch.

Step 4: Complete the Look of Colorful Floral Eye Makeup

Using the NYX professional makeup Epic Wear Liquid Liner in yellow when you dry the white liner. A circle in the center. Use a thin, conical brush from the interior corner toward the middle of the line to shade the lower lines with Shock. Take Chaos from the Wired pallet with the same brush and line your eye to the outside of the lower clock line from the top. Line the waterline to finish, apply mascara, or falsify coat to the NYX Professional Pencil Slide in Pure White.

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