Winter 2020 Makeup Trends Worth Trying Right TF Now

Since the apparel face masks will not leave anytime soon, in the coming months you can definitely see other eye-catch-up trends — think: highly bright purple smoke-smoke eyes and super-mod eyeliner — along with statement brows, warm highlighters and more. I have made you a solid figure by completing the 10 looks that I’d like you to build first in order to ensure you are one of the first to try these sweet winter trends. Lookout, before, and don’t blame me when you start to count the days to winter, k?

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Scroll down to explore which 2020 makeup trends are worth your effort? I guess, all of them are.

1. This Lower-Lash Eyeliner

Everywhere this year, the floating eyeliner trend has been around, but expect it to slip back down to your lash line in winter. Trace your waterline with a translucent blue eyeliner and then cover your top and bottom lace with black mascara for a glamorous appearance, which you want to be regularly worn.

We love Marc Jacobs Beauty Highliner Gel Eye Crayon Eyeliner in Deja Blue.

2. This ‘Messy’ Brow Trend for Winter 2020

I love the ultra-defined Soap Brows now taking over Instagram and TikTok, but the brushed-up winter 2020 trend is so cool. Don’t get me wrong. Psst: Brown gel is an unnegotiable thing to this look (tinned or transparent — your choice entirely).

3. Monotone Makeup

DW, the patterns in winter 2020 maquillage are not just about bright, glimmering colours. Monochromatic make-up will also be on the table during the cold-weather season, including this all-over-peach-color scheme, so begin matching your favorite Rn eyedrops and lipsticks.

4. This ’90s Lip Trend for Winter 2020

5. Warm Contour

6. This Vampy Lip Trend for Winter 2020

Let’s rock 2020 Makeup Trends with the sexiest lips than ever!!

7. This Neon Makeup

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