Yin Yang Tattoos Represent Balance—25 Looks to Consider Getting

Yin Yang is an at least 3,500-year-old Chinese cultural ideology which is based on other ways of thought, such as Taoism and Confucianism. At the center of this idea, the world consists of opposite but complementary forces — dark and light, sun and moon, good and poor. These powers fight endlessly, but also they are continuously ruling universe rules so that with the two halves of the yin yang in tandem, everything progresses.

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How does the Yin Yang symbol look?

The yin yang theory consists of a circle, divided by a curved line between two halves. Individually, the yin (black half) reflects a dark and still internal force, while the yang (white half) is a positive and luminous external force. Every half of the yin yang symbol has, however, a small point of the opposite color that means that without it, one can’t be one — it’s completely intertwined. The line curves up to show that there is no total division between the two halves.

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The symbol makes a major tattoo for those who associate with culture or just felt reflected in the philosophy of yin yang. Regardless of whether you love a basic symbol or something totally deconstructed, there are 25 yin yang tattoos here that inspire you.

Best designs in 2020

1. Small Yin-Yang Tattoo

2. Behind-the-Ear Design

3. Deconstructed Yin-Yang Tattoo

4. White Ink Yin-Yang Tattoo

5. Lotus Flower

6. Outline-Only Design

7. Wrist Yin-Yang Tattoo

Scroll down for more ideas of Yin Yang Tattoos!

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