You’ll Regret Without Trying Top 9 Summer Makeup Looks

As a girl who always takes care of her appearance, makeup is an essential job. The recent social outburst has given me a new look on makeup. It is not only a necessity that I need to do every day, but it also becomes a new hobby for me. Makeup makes us more interested and feel more loving ourselves. It is also a way that we show our caring and emotional care for ourselves.

In the last outbreak, when besides the news about health is very close, what caught my attention is the new trends in beauty on social networking sites. From those observations, I have listed 9 summer makeup looks that will probably become a big trend this summer. Scroll through and pick one as your favorite.

1. Summer Makeup Looks: Lilac lids

Purple eyes can be considered as the biggest trend at the beginning of this year. This makeup look represents a youthful vibe. The color not only becomes dominant in the make-up industry but also for the fashion world. I love lilac lids since they symbolize the youthful message of the passionate summer.

Recommendations:  Huda Beauty Obsession Pastel Eyeshadow Palette Lilac ($27)

Shiseido Kajal Inkartist Eyeshadow, Liner, and Brow Pencil in Lilac Lotus ($25)

Lemonhead LA Violet Hour Spacepaste Glitter ($22)

2. Summer Makeup Looks: Beachy Glow

If you embrace the “healthy” skin, don’t miss out on beachy glow makeup trends.

Recommendations: Lily Lolo Pressed Bronzer ($26)

RMS Beauty Luminizer x Quad ($48)

3. Statement Lip

I love statement lips. They give us a powerful vibe that even we aren’t born with it.

Recommendations: Trestique Mini Lip Crayon ($12)

Kevyn Aucoin The Molten Lip Color ($30)

4. Summer Makeup Looks: Bronzy Shimmer

Crave for dreamy looks that can post on Instagram? Bronzy shimmer will help you out of it.

Recommendations: Stila Stay All Day Shimmer Liquid Lipstick ($22)

Trestique Mini Highlighter Stick ($12)

6. Summer Makeup Looks: Glossy Lids

Glossy lids are sexy and tempting than anything else. No wonder why they are on-trend.

Recommendations: Jillian Dempsey Lid Tint Satin Eye Shadow ($28)

7. Pink Shimmer

This summer cannot be completed without a pink shimmer.

Recommendations:  Lemonhead LA Birthday B!tch Spacejam Glitter Balm ($28)

8. Summer Makeup Looks: Glass Skin

The glass skin was a makeup trend in the 90s. And now, obviously, it has made a big comeback since last year

9. Matte Skin

Who can resist a smooth skin? Someone, not me.

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