Yummy Vietnamese Street Food in Ha Noi

When getting into Hanoi, Vietnam, you will see delicious dishes on almost all street corners and sidewalks. Ha Noi is listed as one of the best paradises for food lovers.  There is a ton of insanely delicious flavors for you to grab. Now, let’s see what we can discover about fantastic street food in Ha Noi there.

1. Pho

When coming to Ha Noi, “pho” should be the very first thing to try.  Rice vermicelli noodles are pulled into portion bowl after bowl and topped with fresh and soft beef. A big basket of fresh spring onions is used to garnish the “pho”, and a huge cauldron of broth waiting to be scooped over top and served. The broth is truly enjoyable.

Let’s try: Pho Thin – 13 Lo Duc, Ha Noi

2. Street food in Ha Noi: Bun cha

This is one of the famous Hanoi dishes of grilled pork served with rice vermicelli noodles and a ton of Vietnamese herbs like basil and Vietnamese mint. All dipped into a sweet and slightly spicy fish sauce. You can find it all over the streets of Hanoi. The meat is so soft, sweet, and spicy in the sauce.

3. Banh xeo

Another Vietnamese specialty in Hanoi is “banh xeo”, which is a fried rice flour crepe with little shrimp, pork, green onion, and beansprouts. It’s so amazing if you can watch how they make this kind of street food in Ha Noi. When trying it out, you will never forget the freshness from the herbs and the super crispy rice flour will make.

4. Street food in Ha Noi: Egg coffee

After enjoying some street food, you may want to have something to drink, then, “egg coffee” is for you. Made with whisked egg yolks, condensed milk, and sugar, it will be a unique beverage in Ha Noi. All the egg is so creamy.

5. Che

If you want more desserts, why don’t you try Vietnamese “Che”? It is a traditional soup with a sweet taste, coconut cream, and many topping. Jelly, beans, and fruits are also used to make “Che”. You can order it hot or cold and there is a variety of flavors for you to enjoy.

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