21 Cute Unicorn Nail Art Design Ideas

by Hong Diep
attractive unicorn nail art

21 Cute Unicorn Nail Art Design Ideas For 2022

If you are looking for magical look nail art then unicorn color nail art are the right designs for you. Unicorn nail art are the extremely popular and colorful designs for girls of all ages. You can try unicorn nail designs on nails of all shapes whether square shape, long nails or pointed nails depending on your choice. From rhinestones, bright pastel rainbow colors, swirl colors, unicorn horn and horses, to marble there are many ways to try unicorn nails.

Unicorn nail design looks great and attractive on natural nails and are simple to make at home. If painting a unicorn at home is difficult then you can also buy unicorn horse stickers and bring glam to your nail art. Elegant pastel gradient colors are perfect to carry with unicorn for day time and rhinestones and marble combination is perfect and classy for night fancy parties in 2022.

One of sweetest design which is most commonly carried by youthful girls is unicorn face with closed eyes and blushing cheeks. Unicorn art also creates a great combination with manicure and galaxy art. There are few subtle, adorable and classy nail designs listed below to show your love for unicorn. Please have a look!

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