40+ Underboob & Sternum Tattoos Ideas and Trending Designs

by Diep
American Traditional Sternum Tattoo 1

40+ Underboob & Sternum Tattoos Ideas and Trending Designs

Sternum tattoos are on the rise with popularity, and we can see why. They are great if you need to keep a tattoo hidden but like to show them off during your personal time. This type of tattoo has become more popular with celebrities, which is probably why your favorite tattoo artist is doing more of them. A heed of warning though, a sternum tattoo is not for beginners and can be a pretty intense tattoo for the inexperienced.

If you’re wondering, a sternum tattoo is typically done on the ribs and sternum, also known as the underboob. The sternum is a flat, long bone that is at the center of your ribs and it helps hold your torso together. The bone is strong, so a tattoo needle won’t affect it but it can be painful. While there is no specific meaning to a sternum tattoo, the tattoo of your choice might have a special meaning to you.

Here are some of our favorite sternum tattoos if you’re considering getting one.

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