Malibu Modern Villa – Connecting to the art of Living

by Hong Diep
Malibu Modern Villa Arc door

Malibu Modern Villa – Connecting to the art of Living

Amit Apel Design is a Malibu based Design-Build Architectural Firm specializing in unique luxury homes. Their philosophy is “Connecting People to the arc of Living”, which is clearly seen in this exemplary work. Their latest unveiling is the one-of-a-kind art piece named Maliview, which is set in the Malibu Mountains, a few minutes away from the Golden Coast in Southern California. As both the designer and builder, it is clear that the attention to architectural design and form was of the highest priority.

The design was carefully sculpted to combine, the sophistication and elegance of modern lines and forms which portray precision and glamour, with the enchanting beauty of natural stone and wood. The blending of the modern with the natural is fused with lavender accents that offer a uniquely calming living space.

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