46 Best Hairstyles and Haircuts for Teenage Guys

by Hong Diep
Best Hairstyles for Teenage Boys

Best Hairstyles and Haircuts for Teenage Guys

The times of shaggy mop tops and bleached spiky hair have sunk into oblivion. New life realia make new rules, dictate the trends, and develop new fashion. The latest teen boy haircuts have taken hair to an absolutely new level. And in this article, we’ll discuss all the hair trends for teenage boys that are taking 2022 by storm.

It’s an issue of huge importance for teenagers to look good, attractive, and alluring. Trendy haircuts are one of those integral details that make a huge difference when it comes to teenage boys image and style.

In this gallery, you’ll find a variety of hair ideas for 14-year-olds starting high school as well as for elder teens who already go to college. There are fresh versions of comb over, quiff, crop top, shag, different medium length hair ideas, solutions for teenage guys with wavy and curly hair, straight hair, thick and fine hair, so-called “e-boy” haircuts, and more.

Wanna find your iconic hairstyle that is a mixture of edgy, stylish, and cute? Scroll down.

Best Hairstyles for Teenage Boys

What hairstyles do teenage guys like?

When I was a teen I hardly had any sense of style. My dad was my stylist and every time he took me to the barber’s and asked to give me a crew cut. It was ok.
However, modern teenage boys are way more experienced and sophisticated in the question of the best hairstyles for teenage guys. They follow the trends through Instagram and TikTok, wanna copy celebrities’ hairstyles.

Thus, being a parent of a teen boy, we should consider lots of things when choosing a haircut for them.

But remember one thing: the basic haircuts for teenage guys haven’t changed dramatically. It is all about details now: new trends update good old hairstyles by means of small but significant changes. So, your task is to keep up with those small trends and introduce them over a well-tested hairstyle, which fits your teen’s face shape and hair type.

By and large, teenage guys enjoy the styles based on:

  • Undercut
  • Taper fade and bold fade
  • Texture with taper mix
  • Modern variations of a combover, Ivy League, and crew cut
  • Fauxhawk
  • Messy bangs
  • The topknot and man bun
  • Soft spikes
  • Quiff

Generally talking, all these are haircuts with medium or long hair on top, and each of them requires the right hair product.

If talking about the specific favorites of teens, number one right now is the so-called “e-boy hairstyle”, which features a central parting with curtain bangs. Usually, it’s a mid-length hairstyle that works best with straight hair.

Another trend, which is popular with teens is an edgy super-short fringe combined with a shaggy mess all over the top. Layers and spikes are also often included in this mix.

And finally, we can’t but mention bright color games. The crazier the combination – the better. Also, it can be a solo color, which is contrasting to the facial features too.

One more thing you need to bear in mind when choosing a cut is how suitable it is for the face shape of your boy. The best hairstyles for teenage boys are flattering, their task is to balance and harmonize the look. It shouldn’t happen that an oblong face is stretched even more with a voluminous crown and bold sides.

The same should be considered concerning the distinctive facial features: unproportional mouth, wide or narrow forehead, plump cheeks, or high cheekbones.

For instance, if your teen boy has a very high forehead, you should offer them hairstyles that partially or completely cover the forehead. For this purpose, you can try hairstyles with bangs and side-swept hairstyles.

One big issue with WOW hairstyles is that often a school or college dress code doesn’t allow the students to wear very eccentric and outstanding styles. Here is the solution that will build a compromise between the rebellious teens, strict parents, and school rules:

Probably, the best thing about the majority of modern haircuts for teenage guys is that they are easy to transform. Thus, a mohawk, for example, can be combed back and down – and voila: you get a hairstyle of a straight student A. Same can be done with most haircuts for teenage guys. And this is awesome!

How to cut a boy’s hair?

If you’re asking “How can I cut my teenage son’s hair at home?”, you should keep this determination till the end of the process.
Don’t get scared – you can easily do it. All you’ll need is a pair of scissors, clippers, a comb, and a mirror.

There are several base hairstyles you can choose from, which we’ve mentioned above. So, first, you’ll need to decide which style you want and have a reference picture on hand.

To give your teen’s hair a little trim:

  • Trim the hair on the back of the head using a clipper.
  • Rinse some moisture and comb the hair in the style you want.
  • Take the hair into the comb till several inches are over the comb bristles.
  • Cut these extra inches with scissors.
  • Repeat the same with other sections of the hair.
  • Try to cut the hair from the ends vertically, not horizontally, to stay safe and be able to control the length.

To make a basic fade:

  • Start with clean hair.
  • Separate the top section away.
  • Use the clippers with the number 4 setting to create a high fade.
  • Pull the clippers away towards the top for a smoother finish.
  • Next, use the number 3 but this time end the fade a bit lower than the previous one.
  • Repeat the same with number 2 and number 1 alternately, ending each fade lower than the previous one.
  • Finally, clean up the neckline and the area around the ears with no attachment on the clippers.
  • Now, start working with the top section. Begin from the front, moving back
  • Grab small sections across the head, fix them between the fingers and trim the necessary amount off.
  • Use a part of the first section as a guide for the second one.

To cut your teenage son’s hair with scissors:

  • Take a pair of sharp scissors, a water spray bottle, a comb, and crocodile clips
  • Follow the direction from the front to the back.
  • Pick up a small section across the head, hold it between the fingers, and trim the desired length off.
  • Use either the tips of the scissors only, or cut straight across.
  • For long hair, separate it into several sections and move from underneath to the top.


Finding the right best hairstyles for teenage guys can be a real challenge, there are several important factors to consider, including the kid’s face shape, hair’s texture, if the teen (or the parent) is ready to style it every day, how versatile it should be, and how long you want it to last. We hope so much that with this in-depth article and gallery full of fresh teen hair ideas, we’ve managed to help you decide on the right look for your young gentleman.

Remember that hairstyles for teenage guys are an endless field for creativity, so don’t mind them being a bit over the edge sometimes. Teen years are the perfect time in life to try something truly mind-blowing. And even school regulations can be followed if you’re creative and flexible enough.

Don’t forget, that haircuts for teenage guys are all about various details, so keep up with the latest trends and offer your teen to incorporate those fads in their hairstyle.
Make sure that the hairstyle of your son reflects his personality, highlights his facial features, and expresses his mood.

If you are a teenager and confused about what kind of style to choose from this incredibly huge list of overwhelming options, just start with a fade or an undercut. Later on, in small steps, add extra details and features to the style, and subsequently, you’ll find your perfect, unique, personalized hairstyle.

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