Best Places to Make a Hair Donation After You Chop Your Hair

by Hong Diep
where to donate hair

6 Best Places to Make a Hair Donation After You Chop Your Long Hair Of

Charitable donations aren’t something new, and last year over $390 billion was donated to charitable organizations, like food, clothing, and personal items. There are other forms of donations that aren’t often considered though, like hair donations.

Typically, hair donations are overlooked because it takes a lot of time and research from the person who wants to donate. This form of donation can make a huge difference in women’s and children’s life, especially if they are facing medical conditions like cancer or trauma causing hair loss.

When hair is donated, it allows companies to create wigs that look and feel natural. It will enable the wearer to have natural color with a natural feel to it, helping combat the depression and anxiety they could be feeling due to hair loss.

If you’re looking to donate hair, here are some of the best places to do so. Each will have their specific requirements, but we will break that down for you. Take a look.

1. Locks of Love

This is one of the most popular hair donation organizations. The organization started in 1997 and has made hundreds of wigs each year. This organization especially makes wigs for children since traditional wigs are too large for them. Locks of Love doesn’t have many rules, they can take grey, and colored hair and the only hair they don’t accept is bleached or dreadlocks. On their website, you can fill out a donation form and go to any salon to get your hair cut.

2. Pantene Beautiful Lengths

Pantene Beautiful Lengths was organized in 2006 and has collected over 800,00 pieces of hair to make real hair wigs for women who are battling cancer. They have donated over 42,000 wigs to the American Cancer Society Wig Bank, which makes it easier for women in need of free wigs to find. To give, you need to find a wig bank near your location so you can cut and donate.

3. Childhood Leukemia Foundation

This company works with over 160 hospitals across the country and provides 100 percent human hair wigs to children. The wigs are free to patients and include a kid-sized hat as well. Go to their website to fill out a donation form and find the nearest location for a haircut.

4. Children with Hair Loss

Children with Hair Loss has been around since 2000 and gifts real hair wigs to children and young adults who are dealing with medically related hair loss. In 2016 they donated 528 wigs alone to children all over the United States. The wigs come with a care kit so recipients can care for their wigs and keep them in excellent condition for years. The organization has an extensive list of salons that partner with them, making it easy to donate. Their requirements include the hair being 8 inches in length or longer and non-chemically treated.

5. Hair We Share

Hair We Share was founded in 2014 and donates real hair wigs to children under 18 and adults that are facing money hardships. The organization has donation salons spread across the United States that will cut and ship the hair for you. They also offer a “Track your ponytail” program so donors can see where the hair donation is going.

6. Wigs For Kids

This is one of the longest running hair donations in the United States and was founded in 1981 by Jeffery Pail and his wife. The organization develops wigs for children, and they promise their wigs can withstand typical kids’ activities. The company needs about 20 to 30 ponytails a day since their company does not use manufacturers to create their wigs. They require a 12 in or longer ponytail to be donated.

All these fantastic organizations have websites that are easy to navigate and help you find the perfect location to donate your hair. You can also ask your local salon or hairdresser where you can go to give your hair since they are always willing to help.

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